eINSPEX is a Remote Dispatching, Tracking and Reporting System for agents and customers serving North America and expanding worldwide. Built by Phasedata Corporation's team of software developers the system is adaptable to meet the needs of businesses who need to dispatch remote agents and record their findings using online forms, pictures, video or any other communication transfer protocols. The eINSPEX system enables dispatchers to create new users, assign new jobs and add new agents, territories and form fields. Third party auditing agents can access specialized displays to view the results of field work all through secure, controlled access.
Whether your business is technology, insurance, inspections, provisioning, repair or any other field requiring remote dispatching and reporting the eINSPEX system is right for you. eINSPEX is field tested and customer proven technology. Contact Us today to find out how the eINSPEX system can be adapted to create a fully operational turn-key system for your business in half the time and at half the cost with powerful real-world capabilities you haven't even considered yet.

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